Our Successes

Construction Firm – Business Plan and Cash Flow Projection

MBDA Business Center Honolulu developed a business plan and a seven-month detailed weekly cash flow projection for a small construction firm. The firm increased their working capital line-of-credit, and pursued the market recommendations of the strategic business plan. The firm has increased revenues from $5 million to $20 million a year, and was recently awarded a multi-million dollar contract to be the prime general contractor for a homeless shelter development in the Leeward area of Oahu. “Without the Center, we would not have gotten this $14.2 million contract. This will take our company to a new level. We have been blessed with our association with the Center.”

Software Development Firm – Cash Flow Projection

MBDA Business Center Honolulu developed a cash flow projection for an 8(a) software development firm that specializes in Department of Defense work.  The firm was competing for large contracts, but was not able to obtain the necessary working capital line-of-credit it needed to handle payment delays. The cash flow projection clearly demonstrated the firm’s revenue potential, and was able to increase their working capital line-of-credit that met their needs.

“We were a small, but growing company and we needed more capital to sustain our growth. With the Center’s assistance, it was a matter of only a few months before we had a financial model that our bank was comfortable with.”

Small Business Lending Institution – Client Referrals and Business Plans

MBDA Business Center Honolulu has referred a number of firms seeking financing to a lending institution that specializes in small business loans.  The Center developed business plans for these firms and facilitated many successful financing arrangements.

Start-up Retail Firm – Business Plan

MBDA Business Center Honolulu developed a business plan for a start-up boutique lifestyle and fashion retail store. The firm was able to obtain financing, and secure a prime space in one of Hawaii’s top retail malls.

Construction Firm – Succession Plan

MBDA Business Center Honolulu developed a succession plan for an established construction firm.  Training and milestone objectives were put into place to ensure that the firm would continue to prosper after management was transferred to the owner’s son.

Service Firm – Business Plan

MBDA Business Center Honolulu developed a business plan for a law firm that specialized in working with non-profit organizations.  After an analysis of service offerings, prices, and time management practices, recommendations were implemented that provided a major boost to the firm’s profitability.

Start-up Retail Firm – Community Express Loan

MBDA Business Center Honolulu served as Technical Assistance Provider for a start-up retail firm selling “Made in Hawaii” products. Financial documents were reviewed on behalf of the firm and submitted to a participating SBA Community Express lending institution. The firm was able to receive working capital financing and is in operation today.

Service and Leisure Firm – Business Consulting

MBDA Business Center Honolulu assisted the owner of a surf school with a variety of administrative tasks. The firm needed to transport customers from various hotels to surf spots and MBDA Business Center Honolulu prepared the application for the PUC motor carrier certificate. Additionally, the Center assisted the firm with marketing activities, contract development and financing.

Manufacturing Firm – Business Consulting

MBDA Business Center Honolulu developed an inexpensive marketing plan for a firm that manufactures handcrafted “Made in Hawaii” soaps, lotions and specialty beauty products. Past customers were targeted in a marketing effort designed to introduce new products, direct customers to the firm’s website, and stimulate sales in time for the holiday season.